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About Kathryn Tyndall Studio

Our Story

Kathryn Tyndall Studio is an eclectic design and painting studio located in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. A native of the south, and student of the world, her colorful pieces pay homage to the many places her heart has found a home. 

Her distinctive personal style, she has appropriately named Deco Nouveau: exudes joy, passion and peace while expressing the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the journey of becoming. 

“Art has been a voice I didn’t know I had, a brush soaked in freedom spread passionately across the canvas of my life.- Kathryn Tyndall

Heavenly landscapes, local birds and flowers, musicians and photos, and people living their dreams, are all brought to life with curated color palettes and her gift of finding the light. Each piece creates its own symbolism through contrasting and harmonious colors, bold compositions and hypnotic patterns. 


As the artist explains,

“My work is a vessel; each piece fills a need and awareness of that need. I want my work to spark that freedom.” 


Kathryn Tyndall’s love for art and expression has been a common thread throughout her life. She credits her varied style and approach to the various places she’s called home: Malawi, Cortona, Italy, Macon, Dallas, Atlanta, and now Duluth. As for historical and personal influences, she credits her passion for Art History to Antique Roadshows, PBS, Old World artists, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. She creates pieces and series that have customized levels of symbolism, personalization, and intention.


"I want people to feel comfy when they are around me and to feel "orange-glowy" inside." - Kathryn Tyndall

To Learn More about Art Deco and Art Nouveau or Eclectic Design styles, click the link(s) for external source information.

I wanted Kathryn to make me a piece of art based off a Picture of my dear friend. She not only recreated the image exactly how I wanted,

more impressively she captured the aura and the vibe. It was simply perfect!

- Bill Strong

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