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Corporate Interior Design by Kathryn Tyndall Studio


Kathryn Tyndall Studio is an eclectic design and painting studio located in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. A native of the south and student of the world, her colorful pieces pay homage to the many places her heart has found a home. 

“Art has been a voice I didn’t know I had, a brush soaked in freedom spread passionately across the canvas of my life.”

- Kathryn Tyndall

Upcoming Event

Paint & Sip: An Evening of  Brush Strokes, Drinking, & Good Vibes 

Experience a delightful spring evening with a perfect date night getaway at Kathryn Tyndall's Paint & Sip event. Unleash your creativity under the guidance of Kathryn Tyndall, while sipping on cocktails and enjoying a relaxing atmosphere. Set in the picturesque surroundings of a horse farm, this event offers a unique opportunity to paint, observe the beautiful horses, and unwind. It's the ideal way to combine artistic expression, relaxation, and a memorable evening with your special someone.

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Patterned Designs

...your very own personalized brand pattern or a cherished family legacy design.

- Kathryn Tyndall Studio -

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