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Send me your photo and

Get a unique Portrait in


Everything is DIGITAL and HAND DRAWING.


1. Place the order

2. Send me the photo that you want drawn (Good

Quality, photo editing charge applied to low quality).

3. Receive drawing (full colour drawing for head only), complete the order and give your review.

Custom Design Digital Portraits

  • If photographs of substandard quality are submitted, a fee of $250 will be applicable. To avoid incurring this charge, kindly ensure that high-quality photographs are provided.

  • $200 for one 8x10 color portrait (3600×3600 pixels, 300dpi resolution .jpg file)

    *add $25 for 8x10 canvas print

    *add $50 for 16x20 canvas print

    +extra $5 for the portrait with name of your pet

    +extra $15 for two .png files (one with watercolor background and one with transparent background).

    Please, see application examples in the correlated thumbnail gallery.

    **extra $30 for commercial use

    **Commercial license must be purchased if the image is being used for commercial purposes such as advertising, promotion, web page, etc.


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